Last year my sister and I were in Pigeon Forge and saw your Christmas Light Show in Sevierville,TN. It was fantastic and wonderful! I loved the music and the lights-so different from other Christmas “shows.”
— Beverly Dzienny
We just recently visited your light show. It was wonderful! Can I buy a CD or DVD of the show? My grandkids thought it was better than (Gaylord) Opryland Hotel. Thank you.
— Donnetta Williams
We recently visited the light show and loved it. Great Job!! Awesome!!
— Jenny Harmeier
Wow, that was great and the choice of music was super. Thanks so much for doing this. God bless you all.
— Mary
Our grandchildren, daughter, and we really enjoyed the light and music show. Beautiful!! And nice choice of music. It was especially nice that your Santa came to our car to talk to the children as we went by—just a happy circumstance that was a real treat for them. Thanks for coming to Nashville!
— Nancy Provost
My wife and I have gone three times and really enjoy it. We have taken friends, our son and his wife to see the light show, all really enjoyed it. Our granddaughter would love it if she could get here. Her Daddy is in the Navy. Is there any DVD of the show. I would love to have it to watch at my desk while working. The light show is great!! I hope to see it for many years!!!
— Ronn Grace
A thank you coming from Gwinnett County!! We already saw the show and LOVED it. The music was great, and song selection/message was outstanding!! We are telling all of our friends about it!
— Scott Hermel
Just got back from the light show. The family had a great time! The sync with the music was nice, and the kids loved it. Thanks again for the light show!
— The Catrons
What a great show we saw last weekend! It was great for people of all ages (I brought my mother and son) and we will definitely be back before Christmas. Next time - camel rides for sure! We also LOVE Circle G Ranch, so perfect combination!) Thanks for doing this!
— Carrie Hagelberg
Wish everyone could see this at least once. Amazing!
— Hazel Rector Nash
Our families visited the light show Saturday after Thanksgiving; lovely night and what a light show. Stopped for a visit with Santa and each child did one ride. Thanks for a lovely show. Loved the music choices.
— Judy Piasecki
The Myrtle Beach show was awesome! We went tonight!
— Christine Hurley
Saw the light show in Myrtle Beach last night and LOVED IT!
— Theresa Wood
It was awesome! Our family LOVED IT. Thank you.
— Joan Cenig Hoffmann
Took my 4 year old daughter to the Kodak (Sevierville) location at Smokies Stadium. She absolutely LOVED IT! Just to hear her reaction was priceless. Brought tears to my eyes.
— Amanda Williamson
Just saw the light show in Myrtle Beach tonight. It was amazing and BEAUTIFUL! I think we just found a new Thanksgiving Holiday Tradition! Thank you!
— Amy Smock Brewer
We visited two days ago and it was a BLAST! Thank you for the wonderful show and great fun at Santa’s Village. It really is an amazing experience and so wonderful that it helps different charities at the same time.
— Rogers Reyna