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The Award Winning Christmas Light Show - Asheville, NC • Sevierville, TN • New Market, MD • Myrtle Beach, SC

The most immersive drive-through Christmas experience on earth

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Christmas Lights Done Right

You may wonder, why go to such great lengths to create an attraction of this magnitude? It’s simple; we uncovered a passion and followed our dreams. After physically crafting each element, placing and bracing them, tediously programming hundreds of thousands of lights to perform with music, we managed to light up the nights!

Our show was born from our passion for Christmas with one show in Bristol, TN.  By mixing our love of music with our Christmas spirit we ended up programming lights to dance to some of our favorite tunes. Today, it has expanded with shows in in multiple states! We are honored that so many people have wanted to celebrate Christmas with us over the years, and have even made it part of their family's holiday tradition. 

The Shadrack Christmas Wonderland shows have gotten national media attention, and won a series of awards for their inventiveness and elaborate choreography.
— Forbes Magazine